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Improving Your Home's Accessibility With A Stair Lift

For individuals that have mobility problems, a stair lift can be an important upgrade to make to their homes. The placement of a stair lift can allow those with mobility issues to avoid having to traverse up and down their stairs.

Stair Lifts Can Be Designed For Outdoor Use

It is often assumed that a stair lift will only be suitable for indoor areas. However, there are many home designs that will have a set of stairs needed to reach the exterior doors or porch. Luckily, individuals can still choose to have a stair lift system installed for outdoor steps. These systems will be designed to withstand exposure to high moisture levels, temperature extremes and other sources of wear. As a result, these options can provide reliable performance that will allow individuals to easily enter and exit their homes.

Power Outages Will Not Pose Major Threats To Stair Lifts

A power outage may cause most of your home's electronic devices to stop working. For those wanting to have stair lifts installed, there may be worries that this will mean that they are unable to use these systems when an outage occurs. In reality, these lifts will have battery backups that will keep them supplied with power until the electricity to the home is restored. When you are evaluating stair lift systems, you may want to choose an option that can display the current battery charge. This will allow you to monitor the ability of the batteries to retain charges as well as the current charge so that you avoid the risk of the stair lift running out of power.

A Stair Lift Installation May Only Require Minor Structural Changes

Individuals that are considering installing a stair lift may greatly overestimate the amount of structural work that will be needed for the home. In most cases, homes will require minimal structural changes to accommodate a new stair lift. More precisely, there may be a need to install supports that can accommodate the weight of the stair lift system and the person that is riding it. For those with staircases that are fairly narrow, there are stair lift systems that can support having the chair folded up so that it is out of the way when it is not being used. Furthermore, these lifts can actually be wrapped around the wall so that the stairs will remain easy to navigate for those that do not need to use the stair lift to go up and down.