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Tips For Orthopedic Facilities Purchasing C-Arms

Orthopedic facilities require a lot of technical equipment to assess patients in different ways. One of the more important is a c-arm, which is a medical imaging device that lets orthopedic specialists study bone structures in an in-depth way. If this technical machine is needed for your practice, take these steps.

Consider a Refurbished Model

If you want to spend less on a c-arm machine, then you can always buy a refurbished model. It won't be brand new and thus not have higher costs associated with it. Still, it will be in great shape because of the repairs and replacements that were performed by the manufacturer that took care of the refurbishing process.

After finding a supplier of refurbished c-arms, carefully examine them yourself to make sure they are going to work out for your orthopedic operations. Also ensure every important system is responsive and working like a new model.

Review Monitor Quality

The component that you'll be looking at when assessing images provided by the c-arm is the monitors. Whether it's dual monitors or just one, you want to make sure the monitor quality is great. Then you can properly see imaging provided by the c-arm each time.

That's going to help you make better diagnoses and give patients better treatment plans. The monitor or monitors that come with the c-arm should be large, provide a crisp image, and be easy to care for from a maintenance standpoint. 

Look into Repair Services

If you do end up going with a refurbished c-arm, there is a chance of having problems possibly sooner than you would compared to buying a brand-new model. That's why you want to look into the repair services that come with this medical imaging equipment.

Does the supplier include repair support in the package that you're buying into or will you have to find an independent repair company? The former is great for saving money and also getting specialized help considering the supplier knows the c-arm in your possession well. You won't have to question what is done to your c-arm when one of the components needs to be serviced.

C-arms show up in a lot of orthopedic practices because of how accurate and detailed they are at providing imaging. If you try getting a c-arm with a strategic makeup and user-friendly performance, this technical machine will be valuable to your orthopedic practice for a really long time. 

If you want to improve your medical facility, find a supplier to buy OEC c-arms from.