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Features To Look For In A Mammography Gown

If you operate an OBGYN office or a mammography center, it can be nice to offer your patients mammography gowns to change into. These gowns offer more privacy than the typical hospital gown, and since they open in the front, they make it easier for the practitioner to examine the breasts without the patient having to fully remove the garment.

There are quite a few mammography gowns on the market, though, and choosing the best ones for your clients is not always easy. Here are a few features to look for.

Wide arm openings.

Some of your patients may be visiting because they have breast pain, or because they already had a surgical procedure performed on their breasts. These patients may not want or be able to lift their arms above their heads, or very high at all. Wide arm openings will make it much easier for them to put on and take off the mammography gown. Look for a gown style with at least a 20" arm opening. This gives most patients plenty of space to put an arm through without having to turn their body any which way.

Robe-style tie.

Some mammography gowns fasten with snaps or even buttons in the front. However, you are best off choosing one that ties together in the front, like a robe. Buttons and snaps can go missing, and they may be hard for those with limited dexterity to fasten. A robe-style tie is easier to fasten, and it won't be damaged easily, so your gowns will last longer.

Printed fabric.

If possible, try to look for gowns in a printed pattern, rather than a solid one. With a print, it will be less obvious if the gown starts to fade over time, which it likely will as it gets washed repeatedly and with sanitizing washes. You will therefore be likely to hold on to patterned mammography gowns for longer before they become too faded to present to patients.

Soft fabric.

Finally, pay attention to the texture of the fabric. You do not want to choose a gown made from rough, scrub-like material. While this material will be durable, it won't feel good against the chests of those who have just had surgery or who have pain in their breasts. The softer the material, the better.

Hopefully, with the advice above, you are able to choose mammography gowns that work well for your practice and your patients.