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CPAP Supplies 101: Caring For And Replacing Your CPAP Supplies

When your doctor has prescribed a CPAP for you when you sleep, it's important that you understand how to properly care for the device and all of the supplies that go with it. When your CPAP is properly maintained and cared for, it will be more effective and healthier. Here's a look at what you need to know about maintaining your CPAP and replacing your CPAP supplies to keep your system at its best.

Cleaning Your CPAP Daily

Every morning when you take your CPAP off and get out of bed, take the time to clean the mask and hoses thoroughly. They need to be sanitized to eliminate any bacteria or germs that may be present.

In fact, you can invest in a sanitizing machine that will do all of this for you. You just put the mask and hoses in the machine, run a cleaning and sanitizing cycle, and then store the mask and hoses until you're ready to reconnect them at bedtime. This is important for keeping your CPAP machine clean and safe for regular use.

Replace The Filters And Nasal Fixtures Frequently

Your CPAP's air filters should be replaced every couple of weeks to keep the air flowing through the unit as clean as possible. The air filters collect particles and contaminants in the air, and the more frequently you replace them, the less chance you have of inhaling any contaminants when you use the machine.

In addition to replacing the filters every couple of weeks, you should also make a point to replace the nose cushions on your mask. Those cushions are important for fit and comfort, so keep them in good condition with frequent replacements.

Keep Up With Less Frequent CPAP Supply Replacements

It's easy to get into a routine with the supplies that need to be replaced every couple of weeks, but those aren't the only ones you need to address. Your face cushion should be replaced monthly, and the whole mask should be replaced every few months. Whenever you replace the full mask, you should also replace your tubing. Don't use the same tubing for more than a few months before disposing of it because you need to be sure that it is in good condition at all times.

At least twice a year, you should also replace your headgear and inspect the water chambers for any wear, discoloration, or damage. Replace them if they aren't in good condition so that your CPAP continues functioning as it should.

Work With A Quality CPAP Supply Provider

The easiest way to ensure that your CPAP and supplies are in good condition, properly cared for, and replaced appropriately is to work with a quality provider who will send you CPAP supplies on an automatic shipment schedule. That way you will know that it's time to replace something when a new one shows up in the mail. This is the simplest way to be sure that you're keeping up with the proper replacement timeline and caring for your CPAP the way that it's intended to be taken care of.

Your CPAP machine is an essential tool for helping you sleep more soundly and get the rest that your body needs. Sleep apnea can be a serious condition, leading to cardiac problems, and more. Use the information here to understand the care that your CPAP machine needs and reach out to a supplier for the supplies that you need to keep your machine running at its best and to protect your sleep. The more attentive you are to your CPAP's care, the better it will be for you.