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The Aqua Dermabrasion Unit: What It Is And Why You Should Have It For The Office

If you work as a dermatologist, you already know a lot about keeping skin healthy, youthful, and naturally beautiful. You may provide services to hundreds of clients each week, helping them achieve their skincare goals. With the best equipment, you can offer your clients additional services to make them feel more confident. It is the type of equipment worth investing in for your office.

What Is an Aqua Dermabrasion Unit?

This type of equipment allows you to perform dermabrasion services on patient's faces with ease. Instead of using small crystals to remove dead skin, which often occurs with other types of microdermabrasion tools, you would use advanced water jets. The results from this process are astonishing, and the service is even more comfortable for clients who would like to get rid of dead skin to have a flawless glow.

How Can Clients Benefit From the Equipment?

Your clients can benefit from services provided to them with the aqua dermabrasion unit because of its effectiveness. When using the facial unit, you can help your clients with the following skin issues:

  • Blackheads
  • Whiteheads
  • Dead skin cell accumulation

As you know, dermabrasion helps eliminate all the dead skin that starts accumulating and clogging the pores. If you get rid of this dead skin with the dermabrasion equipment, clients will have clear pores with fewer blackheads and breakouts in general. Clients with lots of blackheads tend to have oily skin with a buildup of dead skin that keeps their faces from looking clear. The unit gets rid of the bad stuff while working to even out the skin texture and reduce imperfections. Clients can also benefit from the aqua dermabrasion because it does not cause discomfort. The process is simple and refreshing.

How to Use the Equipment

Before providing this service in the office, you need to know how to use the equipment effectively. You will receive the most detailed instructions on how to set it up and begin using the different functions. You can use the equipment to clean the face, exfoliate it, and provide deep moisturizing services that soften the skin.

If you are a dermatologist, consider getting an aqua dermabrasion unit to offer your clients aqua facials. When you offer these types of facials, you will use the equipment with water to remove dead skin and help clients have much smoother and healthier skin. Clients may enjoy the service enough to continue coming back to your office for more relaxing aqua facials.