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Two Tips For People Whose Type 2 Diabetes Has Gone Into Remission

If the tests your physician has done recently confirmed that your Type 2 diabetes is now in remission, you might find the tips here helpful.

Look for a business to whom you can sell diabetes test strips

One medical supply that every Type 2 diabetic tends to use a lot of is the diabetes test strip. Like most diabetics, you probably had to use strips like this, in conjunction with your blood glucose meter, every single day since you were diagnosed to check how high your glucose levels were after your meals.

Due to the costliness of these strips and how often diabetics have to use them, people who have this condition often end up spending a lot of money on this particular medical supply. Whilst you might be thrilled with the news that your diabetes is in remission, you might not be quite so happy about the boxes of test strips that you have in your home, which you spent a lot of money on and which you now do not need. If this is the case, you should look for a business to sell diabetes test strips to. As long as your test strips are in reasonable condition and have not expired, you should receive a nice chunk of cash in exchange for giving them to this business.

By doing this, you will recoup quite a lot of the money you originally spent on them, and you can get rid of all of them in one go. The latter could be useful if you're busy, as you won't have to go to the bother of selling each box of strips one by one to online buyers or have to make multiple trips to the post office.

Consider finding a way to reuse your diabetes medical alert bracelet

If you have a diabetes medical alert bracelet that you don't need to wear anymore, you should consider finding a way to reuse this item instead of throwing it out. For example, if you have a metal medical alert bracelet with your diabetes-related medical information engraved onto it, you could get a jewelry designer to remove this lettering with a laser and etch a new, decorative pattern onto it.

Alternatively, after having this medical information removed, you could ask them to add a watch face to the bracelet to turn it into a different type of practical jewelry. Making these changes to this bracelet could be a nice way to mark this significant and very positive turning point in your health journey.