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3 Benefits of Edible Cannabis

If you are taking cannabis for a medical condition, there are multiple ways you can consume cannabis. You can smoke the cannabis, vape the cannabis, or even eat the cannabis. There are different benefits you can enjoy based on the way you choose to consume cannabis. Edible cannabis can provide you with some distinct benefits over other methods of cannabis consumption.

Benefit #1: Longer-Lasting Effects

When you smoke cannabis, because you are pulling the drug directly into your lungs, you are going to feel the effects of the cannabis within minutes. The effects of the cannabis will last for anywhere from an hour to a couple of hours when you smoke or vape cannabis.

When you eat cannabis, the way it impacts your body is different. As your body has to first digest the cannabis, it is going to take anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes for your body to digest the food and the cannabis inside the food. Once your body digests the cannabis, you will feel the effects for multiple hours. You may feel the effects for six or more hours, depending on how much cannabis your body consumed and how your body processes the cannabis.

Eating cannabis allows you to enjoy the effects for longer, although it does take a while to feel the effects. Eating cannabis is preferable if you are looking for long-lasting pain relief.

Benefit #2: Less Side Effects

Eating cannabis comes with less side effects than smoking cannabis. When you smoke cannabis, it is common to get a dry feeling in your throat, which is commonly referred to as cotton mouth. Even if you drink water, it can take hours for this feeling to subside.

When you smoke cannabis, you may also end up with bloodshot eyes. Bloodshot eyes don't seem to happen nearly as much when you eat cannabis.

Additionally, when you smoke cannabis, you have to be okay with the actual process of lighting the flowers and inhaling the smoke, which may not feel natural for many people. Eating, on the other hand, is a very natural act. When you are eating something that contains cannabis, all you really have to think about is your dosage; you don't have to worry about other impacts due to the way you are consuming the cannabis.

Benefit #3: Easy Control Over Dosage

When you smoke cannabis, you may know how strong the cannabis is, but actually controlling how much you smoke and understanding the exact dosage you took can be challenging. When you purchase edibles from a cannabis shop, the exact dosage that is in each serving is clearly spelled out on the label. With edibles, you can more easily control your dosage.

When it comes to how you consume your cannabis, consider edibles. To learn more, visit a cannabis dispensary near you.