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CPAP Supplies And You: What You Need And When To Get It

When your doctor has told you that you need a CPAP machine to help you sleep at night, you might be overwhelmed with the prospect of wearing a mask and being hooked to a machine every night. However, once you get used to the idea and to using the machine itself, it can seem like no big deal and can become an easy part of your routine. What you may not have considered, though is the maintenance of your CPAP machine and the supplies you will need for it. Get to know some of the facts about what supplies you will need for your CPAP and how often you will need them. Then, you can be sure you are taking the best possible care of your CPAP and yourself going forward. 

CPAP Cleaning Wipes

One of the items you will need for your CPAP machine maintenance is CPAP cleaning wipes. These wipes are used to clean off the exterior of your CPAP machine on a daily basis. Some wipes can also be used on your CPAP mask, making cleaning your mask quicker and easier as well. They are handy and convenient and are specially formulated to be safe for use on your breathing machine. 

They come in packs of various sizes from 15 to 60 or more wipes. As such, the frequency at which you will need to buy these wipes will vary depending on the size of the pack you buy. Try to always order refills of your wipes when you have about 1 to 2 weeks worth of wipes left to ensure you do not run out while waiting for your order to come in. 

CPAP Tubing

The tubing of your CPAP machine is what connects the machine itself to your mask that you wear. While you may not have thought of it, that tubing needs to be replaced periodically for health and efficiency reasons. 

Luckily, you do not have to change the tubing on your CPAP too often. Generally, changing it every 12 months is sufficient. However, if you have pets, you will want to watch for any bite marks or punctures to the tubing on a regular basis. Pets often think the tubing is a chew toy and may damage it before that 12 month mark has arrived. 


The mask of your CPAP machine is not a permanent addition to your apparatus. In fact, it should be changed about every three months. This is because it comes into contact with all of the bacteria and other microbes on your skin and coming out of your mouth when you breath. These things can then proliferate in your mask, though cleaning it daily does help some. 

Your mask also has cushioning that can get worn down in that time and the seal on the mask that keeps the air inside the mask may wear down as well. As such, change that mask every three months and you will keep your CPAP working as healthily and efficiently as possible. 

With these CPAP supplies and their schedules for use in mind, you can be sure you are always on top of ordering your CPAP supplies in a timely manner. 

If you have a CPAP machine, find a source for CPAP cleaning wipes near you.